Monte Large

Associate, Leasing


Monte Large serves as leasing associate for Midway and is responsible for implementing leasing strategies for Midway’s commercial developments. 

Prior to joining Midway, Monte served in entrepreneurial real estate development, retail concept development, and leasing. His projects primarily focused on Houston’s urban core. From 2012-2016, he was Board Chair of the Urban Planning Committee at the Midtown Management District (MMD) where he helped lead a District-wide quality-of life improvement projects. He has also assisted with large capital projects such as the 3-acre Midtown Park, the $9.6 Million Bagby Street reconstruction, Texas’ first Certified Greenroad, and Bagby Park.  

Monte is a partner in Axelrad Beer Garden, New Living, and Beaver’s Restaurant. He is a Community Development Fellow with American Leadership Forum, co-founder of SPARC Growth Houston, and was co-founder of Wulfe Urban, an urban development consulting and brokerage team at Wulfe & Co. Monte is a William Kinne Real Estate Fellow; an ICSC Graduate Scholar; and holds a Master of Science in Real Estate Development from Columbia University.

To order space is to give it meaning.  —Isamu Noguchi

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