Development Philosophy

Midway is committed to stewardship and quality. We believe we have a responsibility to develop quality projects on quality real estate that enrich people’s lives.


development strategy

We provide development services for our own investment properties and for discerning third-party clients under a variety of structures. We have the ability to develop and manage projects of any size and complexity across various property types, including mixed-use, office, retail, residential, multi-family, hospitality and industrial facilities. Our philosophy is to develop and invest for long-term ownership, and therefore we live with the results of our designs and know how to achieve optimal results.


We create destinations, and have an integrated approach to how we develop. Urbanization is in high demand, which mixed use environments are fully embracing. Typically our projects include three or more mutually supporting uses, each adding to the overall experience and thus the overall value.


We do more than just build office buildings. We have the unique expertise to differentiate our office product from the market by designing experiences and creating places for office users. By tracking current trends and market demands, we can develop a customized product that ensures our office environments will not only boost productivity, but also retain talent for our tenants.


Knowledgeable retailers and customers seek new and unique opportunities to positively impact their lives and businesses on a daily basis. Retailers build their brands by connecting with consumers in a variety of ways, and the experience is just as important as the brand itself. We strive to create a thoughtful mix of retailers at each of our projects, that will create value and make our projects remarkable.


We develop luxury multi-family residential projects that set the standard for contemporary urban living within mixed-use environments. We strive to create a high standard of comfort and living in exquisite surroundings, with world class amenities, onsite fitness, green space and a true sense of community, all at the residents’ front door.


We excel at providing unique hotel brands to the market, with sophisticated details and the highest level of hospitality, offering premium corporate and leisure travel options within mixed-use districts. These unique hotels create a true destination with a constant influx of travelers that will make for a lively community—both social and business—that further enriches the culture.

single family

We provide residential development services for master-planned communities, engaging premier custom builders for individual lot sales. These developments feature sophisticated luxury homes with timeless architecture and design, community gathering spaces and a wealth of amenities. The homes include premium finishes, fixtures and appliances and generous living spaces.


Our breadth of experience in industrial development includes a variety of markets and sophisticated environments. We design and build high-performing industrial and manufacturing projects with the future in mind. We strive to increase efficiency and quality for the day-to-day workers, and revenues for our clients on every project.