Investment Philosophy

Our desire is to develop and acquire quality real estate assets for long-term ownership. This philosophy leads us to develop and acquire properties that meet and exceed the highest investment criteria. We are focused on finding high quality real estate and then applying the appropriate uses in a way that maximizes synergies and total asset value.


investment strategy

Our projects are unique in nature and reflect a focused investment philosophy centered around five core principles – Location, Synergies, Experience, Differentiation and Place.


The fundamental basis of our investment philosophy is that every opportunity starts with great real estate. We analyze and rank investments with criteria that include location, demographics, barriers to entry, transportation, infrastructure and flexibility. The criteria, rooted in a commitment to a long-term ownership philosophy, are a framework to identify the right site, not just any site.


There is high value proposition in synergy—when successful pieces combine to create an effect greater than the sum of their parts. The same is true of remarkable places. We have proven that greater long-term value is achieved, along with an enhanced experience, when three or more mutually supportive uses are seamlessly combined in an environment.


When it comes to placemaking, it starts with the people. We believe people are at the heart of our projects, and the place should be a direct reflection of the people who experience it, with choices and various amenities that are easily accessible. Designed with the customer, resident and tenant in mind—we create places that deliver a truly customized experience.


Differentiation is a commitment to delivering a unique product. Our goal is to shift the conversation from being a commodity to one of connection, consumer preference and lifestyle. Differentiation is rooted in paying strict attention to many disciplines: design, planning, branding and service. By combining them in a way that offers something unique, and thus high consumer preference, we yield greater long-term investment value.


We believe the creation of a great place, not just buildings and space, is what drives people to our projects and builds the relationship with our customers and the community. Many of our projects include public space, activated by event programming, that serves as the heart of the project and creates an important community destination or place.


Investor Relations

We are proud to have maintained long-standing relationships with more than 150 investment partners. Our affiliates are currently either the General Partner or Managing Partner and include major public and private pension funds, foundations, endowments, high net-worth individuals, friends and family members, and Midway team members.

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