James Moran



In memory of James A. Moran

1927 – 1999

It is a rare leader whose legacy reaches from above to continually nurture, cajole and enthuse those individuals who were lucky to stand in the light of profound human wisdom. James A. Moran, our Founder, had an open and embracing attitude which he endorsed new ideas, but also the clarity of vision his years of accumulated experience could bring to the real estate discussion.

He was a respected real estate Hall-of-Famer, with world-class rowing marathoner, Vince Lombardi footballer, Director of too many boards to list, loving husband, father and grandfather, devout Christian, unselfish mentor and Partner and proud Navy Veteran, Jim Regularly joked that he was personally responsible for ending WWII both in Europe and Asia. It was obvious to him, if not to others, that Germany surrendered the day he entered the Navy and Japan surrendered the day he shipped to the Pacific.

The “Old Pro” was never one to lose himself in self-importance, nor would he tolerate egos in his associates, dismissing grandiose, and selfish behavior as so much noise useful only for obscuring the facts.

Jim’s word and his great character were his reputation and his expressed wish was, “to die in his office, at 90 years of age, still actively making real estate deals.” Jim fell short of his goal, not because he lost the battle with his illness, but as he put it, he ran out of time.

Every man should own a green suit and a green car once in his life.  —James A "Bugs" Moran

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